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25.01.2024 | 05:34 Yangiliklar


15.01.2024 | 12:36 Yangiliklar

A military parade and holiday program was held on the initiative of the Center for the Promotion of Social Activity of Students and Pupils in the campus!

15.01.2024 | 12:33 Yangiliklar

The seminar was held in the form of training on the topic "Actual issues of organizing the activities of tutors in higher education institutions".

15.01.2024 | 12:27 Yangiliklar

Information about the association of clubs operating under the center for increasing social activity of students and students. We invite young people to these clubs!

15.01.2024 | 12:25 Yangiliklar


15.01.2024 | 12:21 Yangiliklar

Competitions and spiritual-educational events held by the Center for Increasing Social Activity of Students and Pupils in 2023 are in numbers.

15.01.2024 | 12:20 Yangiliklar

"Our National Army is a strong shield of New Uzbekistan!" with the participation of students of the Tashkent State Dental Institute. "Zakovat" game was held under the slogan.

15.01.2024 | 11:07 Yangiliklar

On January 13, 2024, the staff and students of the Tashkent State Dental Institute visited the "Victory Garden" and the "Shon-sharaf" museum in connection with the Day of Defenders of the Motherland on January 14.

12.01.2024 | 06:35 Yangiliklar

Also, military servicemen's performances on hand-to-hand combat and the demonstration of military equipment contributed to making the event more upbeat.

11.01.2024 | 07:49 Yangiliklar


08.01.2024 | 12:37 Yangiliklar

In order to awaken the feeling of patriotism in young people, to increase their love for the country, January 14 is the day of defenders of the country.

06.01.2024 | 17:17 Yangiliklar

"The army and the people are one flesh and one soul!" Shavkat Mirziyoev

05.01.2024 | 03:43 Yangiliklar


04.01.2024 | 11:01 Yangiliklar

On January 4, 2024, a seminar "Problems and prospects of modern medical education" was held for TDSI professors and teachers.

03.01.2024 | 05:52 Yangiliklar

In the coming years, it was agreed to intensify cooperation in the field of joint scientific-research projects and in the creation of modern literature in student education.

03.01.2024 | 05:48 Yangiliklar

On December 23 of this year, Tashkent State Dental Institute "Hospital Orthopedic Dentistry".