To foreign citizens

The list of necessary documents for admission to the TSSI for foreign citizens:

1. Application for admission to study in the name of the rector (the application is filled out by hand, provided in PDF format);
2. Documents on education (certificate), indicating the subjects studied and the grades (points) obtained on them at the exams, notarized in Russian or Uzbek in PDF format in color;
3. Medical report on the state of health, Medical certificate – Form 086 for the CIS, as well as a medical certificate from the AIDS Center of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Form 503) or at the place of residence in PDF format;
4. National passport, foreign passport, passport with a residence permit (with a valid visa) or birth certificate;
5. Photo card size 4 x 6.
Color PDF data and photos are named separately:
Diploma or certificate
Medical certificate and AIDS
Foreign passport
and a single ZIP or RAR format will be sent to the email address with the name, surname and field of study of the applicant.
Within 2 working days after sending the information to the specified e-mail address, the foreign citizen (applicant) will be examined by the admission committee of the TSSI and a notification will be sent about the completeness and reliability of the documents.
The registration number (registration number) is assigned to the applicant, the information about which, sent by a foreign citizen (applicant) to the specified e-mail address, is complete and reliable.
Registered foreign citizens (applicants) will be notified of further actions at the email address to which the foreign citizen (applicant) uploaded the information.
Tuition for one academic year (prices are for the 2023/2024 academic year):
Bachelor course: Foreign citizens without a residence permit - 38 092 800 soums;
Foreign citizens with a residence permit - 20 316 160 soums;
Magistracy: Foreign citizens without a residence permit - 41,902,080 soums;
For foreign citizens with a residence permit - 22,220,800 soums.
For more information, contact the Call centre:
+998 93 579-23-55 
+998 93 574-23-55
+998 93 560-23-55
Submission of documents online by e-mail
For more information, see the section “foreign applicants" on the website