Institute News

19.02.2024 | 08:49 Yangiliklar

Professor Rizayeva Sevara Mirgulyamovna delivered a lecture at the XIII Scientific Dentistry Congress held in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

19.02.2024 | 08:47 Yangiliklar

We wish our students good luck in the next stage.

19.02.2024 | 08:45 Yangiliklar

He answered the questions asked by the students.

19.02.2024 | 05:36 Yangiliklar

Under the slogan "Tashkent loves youth", a concert program will be held in the Ashgabat park with the participation of bright stars of our pop music.

19.02.2024 | 05:33 Yangiliklar

Qualified internships of students are being monitored.

17.02.2024 | 04:42 Yangiliklar


16.02.2024 | 06:42 Yangiliklar

In order to meaningfully spend the free time of the students of the Faculty of Stomatology, a football competition was organized by the tutor of the group.

16.02.2024 | 06:40 Yangiliklar

Cooperation of Tashkent State Dental Institute and Public Diplomacy Center of Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Uzbekistan.

16.02.2024 | 06:33 Yangiliklar

On the occasion of the "Information and Tutoring Hour", the 541st anniversary of Zahriddin Muhammad Babur Tawwaluddin is being visited on Adiblar Avenue.

16.02.2024 | 06:30 Yangiliklar

The path of life and creativity is always a lesson for young people

16.02.2024 | 06:26 Yangiliklar

According to the daily plan, group tutors are conducting interviews with students staying in the student accommodation No. 2 of the Tashkent State Dental Institute.

16.02.2024 | 06:24 Yangiliklar

The 583rd anniversary of the birth of Alisher Navoi and the 541st anniversary of the birth of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur are held at the "Turkestan" art palace.

16.02.2024 | 06:19 Yangiliklar

Qualified internships of students are being monitored.

16.02.2024 | 06:17 Yangiliklar

The influence of Alisher Navoi and Mirza Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur on the perfection of the Uzbek language and literary science.

16.02.2024 | 05:59 Yangiliklar

Dear professors-teachers and students-youth, the great statesman Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur was born.

16.02.2024 | 05:56 Yangiliklar

A conference entitled "current problems of surgical dentistry and dental implantology" was held at the Tashkent State Dental Institute