Activities of tutors

REPORT of the tutors of the Tashkent State Dental Institute on their work during the THIRD QUARTER


The number of active tutors is 20

Number of enrolled students - 2223, of which: girls - 1049, boys - 1174

Those studying on the basis of a state grant - 563

Those who study on the basis of a payment contract - 1349

Those who live in TTJ - 58

Those who live on rent - 571

Those who live with their parents in a private house - 636

131 people who live with their neighbors

Those who lost their breadwinner (father) - 12

Foster children of the orphanage - 2

People with disabilities - 19

Those who earn regular monthly salary after school - 65

Those who are engaged in seasonal work after school - 5

Those who are engaged in seasonal useful work after school - 34


In the direction of general educational activity:

For example:

1. On involving the student in activities within the framework of 5 important initiatives - 413

2. Organization of cultural activities (concert, reading, cinema, theater, museum, etc.) among students - 224

3. Organization of educational activities among students (conversation, meeting, ideological promotion, quiz, training, competition, etc.) - 279

4. Conversation, meeting among students on the topic of educational work (institute's "Code of Conduct", awareness of corruption, fight against ignorance (extremism, fanaticism, "popular culture", drug addiction, AIDS, ...) , ideological promotion, quiz, training, competition, etc.) - 282

5. On providing socio-spiritual and psychological support to students - 27

6. Awareness of the student's social (family) situation (communication with parents (if they are not there, brothers or sisters) - 232

7. Educational work on the online communication platform with students - 129

8. On protection of legal interests of students - 107

9. On sports and health promotion among students - 118

Activities in the student accommodation:

1. 50 on promotion of reading

2. 56 on healthy lifestyle

3. 32 on issues of moral and aesthetic education

4. On the explanation of the rules of internal procedure of TTJ - 62

5. On teaching housekeeping, cleanliness and tidiness - 56

On rental activity:

1. Addressing work with students living in the red zone - 1

2. Addressing work with students living in the yellow zone - 25

3. Addressing work with students living in green areas - 223

4. On cooperation with neighborhood assembly - 12

5. On the cultural-educational and spiritual-educational works carried out with the requirements of living in a rented accommodation - 111


1. On keeping daily attendance of students attending classes - 705

2. On working with students who miss classes without reason - 118

3. On attracting students to the Information Resource Center -314

4. On the principle of "Student to student - teacher, student to student - student" to help students with low mastery through a student with a high mastery - 43

5. Working in cooperation with the team leader on the quality of student education and the effectiveness of the educational institution - 195


1. on targeted preparation of students for national and international competitions - 34

2. on recommending talented students to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and famous state scholarships - 5

3. attracting students to scientific circles, innovative start-ups and science clubs; 164

4. to help students participate in conferences, seminars, national and international Olympiads and forums - 34

5. On directing students to write scientific articles - 25