Transfer procedure

1️⃣ Transfer of studies between state higher education institutions of the republic (internal "perevod") is allowed based on 2 valid reasons:

➖ when a student applies to transfer his studies to the higher education institution in the area where his spouse permanently lives in connection with starting a family;

➖ when a civil servant's spouse or minor child applies for a transfer of education in case of a change of job (based on the recommendation of the head of the relevant ministry/department).

❌ In other cases, "internal transportation" is not allowed.

2️⃣ When transferring studies from HEIs in foreign countries (external "perevod"):

➖ professional (creative) exams in educational areas that require special talent from a student in a suitable and similar educational area, as a result of tests in other educational areas, it is required to collect a passing score will be done. In this case, professional (creative) exams are held by the relevant HEIs, and tests are conducted by the DTM.

➖ students who scored below the passing score are allowed to transfer their studies on the basis of a differentiated fee-contract.

❌ it is not allowed to transfer to suitable and non-equivalent educational areas.

3️⃣ Transfer of studies from foreign and non-state HEIs in Uzbekistan is organized in the same way as the procedure for transferring studies from foreign HEIs.

➖ A bachelor's degree in a corresponding and non-cognate field of study can transfer the differentiated fee-contract (super-contract) specified for the field of study on the basis of a one-time payment.

➖Applications are accepted through the following electronic platforms:

➡️ — from one HEI of the republic to another HEI or within one HEI;

➡️ - from foreign and non-state higher education institutions.

🔚 Acceptance of documents will continue until August 5 (also on this day).

Required documents:
◾️ application (online)
◾️ transcript or scorebook (JPEG or Pdf format)
◾️ academic certificate (for those resuming studies).