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Admission for the 2024/2025 academic year will begin on June 5

Admission for the 2024/2025 academic year will begin on June 5

Starting from the 2024/2025 academic year, exams for admission to state higher and professional educational institutions (with the exception of vocational schools) will be held simultaneously according to the principle of "first test, then selection".

In this:

🚩 applicants take part in the competition for admission to higher education undergraduate courses, and then to professional educational institutions, based on the score they have obtained as a result of the test according to their choice;

🚩 admission process for the bachelor of state higher education institutions is carried out in the following 2️⃣ stages:

At the 1st stage, applicants register for the test every year from June 5 to June 25 and specify the complex of subjects to be tested, the language of education and the region of the test, and if the entrance exams include a professional (creative) exam , the state that conducts this exam chooses the HEI ( );

📌 entrance exams for study admission are held in July-August;

At the 2nd stage, applicants choose a higher education institution, bachelor's field of study and form of education within 15 days after the tests have been completed.

Also, applicants for admission to colleges and technical schools choose a college and (or) technical school, profession and specialty, as well as the form of education within 10 days after the announcement of the final result of admission to higher education institutions.

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