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Educational grants are allocated to students for one academic year

Educational grants are allocated to students for one academic year

On May 24, 2024, the President's decree "On improving the system of admission to higher education institutions and placement of state orders" was adopted.

According to it, starting from the 2024/2025 academic year:

🟠the practice of allocating quotas in the section of state HEIs will be abolished, and the procedure for approval in the form of full-time education will be introduced for bachelor's education courses and master's specialties (with the exception of ...);

In the allocation of quotas, priority is given to engineering, medicine, exact and natural sciences;

🟠higher education organizations that accept students according to the procedures and conditions established for state HEIs are allowed to participate in the distribution of the state order;

The distribution of state grant quotas among higher education organizations is carried out according to the selection and scores of applicants registered for the relevant undergraduate education;

🟠Education grant is allocated for one academic year to students admitted to bachelor's and master's degrees.

🟣In this:

✔️the educational grant is allocated to students who scored high marks in the entrance exams in accordance with the state order quota allocated to higher education institutions in the first year;

☑️the educational grant will be redistributed in a differentiated manner by higher education organizations among socially active and socially active students in the second and subsequent courses;

☑️the educational grant is funded in a differentiated manner and the scholarship is paid only to students who have won a full educational grant;

☑️students who have a social-stimulating grant are provided with a state grant in full for the period of their studies;

❌ the obligation of students who studied on the basis of an educational grant to work for at least 3 years after graduation is canceled.

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