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The path of life and creativity is always a lesson for young people

The path of life and creativity is always a lesson for young people

When we talk about national music and classical performance during the years of independence, Munojot Yolchiyeva comes to mind.

Sister Munojot, who was born in Andijan, loved classical music, and learned the secrets of performance under the tutelage of teachers, won the people's love because of her patience and love for music. He received several state awards, the titles "People's Artist of Uzbekistan", "Hero of Uzbekistan".

Not only in our country, but also in many cities of Great Britain and the USA, as well as on the cultural scenes of dozens of countries such as Italy, Japan, India, Brazil, performing Uzbek national music to perfection, and visiting the art of representatives of other nationalities. caused him to awaken his love.

  At the same time, he trained dozens of students and contributed to the expansion of the ranks of performers of our national music. You can dwell on these for a long time...

Everyone who gathered at Munojot Yolchiyeva's creative evening duly recognized her personality, her work, and her contribution to the industry.

We wish the master artist success in his future work, and ask the Creator for good health and family well-being.

Don't ever get tired of being an example to young people in terms of dedication, courage, respect and love for art!

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