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The ( platform has been launched.

The ( platform has been launched.

💠 The ( platform, which contains valuable information, documents and works about the life, work and heritage of about 250 Jadidlars, has been launched.

🔹 ( platform was prepared by the staff of the Institute of History during the years 2021-2023 according to the order of the Fund for the Development of the Uzbek Language under the Cabinet of Ministers.

🔰So far, 174 works, more than 1000 articles, about 120 poems and about 500 wise words related to Jadids have been included in this platform, and the portal is constantly updated with new information about Jadids. In addition, about 200 photos, 38 audios, about 20 views and 73 archival compilation volumes are included in this platform as resources for studying the struggle. Also, 95 works, 223 articles, 37 dissertations and 9 memoirs were uploaded as researches related to Jadidism.

You can also visit this platform and leave your comments in the comments.

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