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We consider the work of spirituality and enlightenment as work of patriotism, work of conscience. A person with a conscience and spirituality will definitely love the Motherland. Conscience and spirituality means serving the people and the Motherland from the heart.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev

Group tutors of the Tashkent State Stomatological Institute are delivering to the students on the topic of "Braves protect the country" during the "Information and Tutoring Hour" classes this week. On December 29, 1993, by the decision of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan, "January 14 - Defender of the Fatherland Day" was designated. It is the duty of every child of the country to protect the motherland and protect it like the apple of an eye. Defenders of the Fatherland Day is considered to be a holiday not only for military personnel, but also for our compatriots who have returned from serving in the army and thousands of brave young men who are going to serve tomorrow. In connection with this holiday, solemn events are held every year, the greetings of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to the defenders of the Motherland are published, and the most urgent tasks facing the Armed Forces are defined in it. The sense of homeland is living with high faith in our dear and beautiful Motherland, always being loyal to it.

To protect the potential and reputation of the Armed Forces of our Republic, the independence and territorial integrity of our country, the peaceful life of our people and the creative work to strengthen independence, to widely illuminate the importance of educating the young generation in the spirit of patriotism, to educate them as loyal and selfless people to their homeland. has become one of the most important tasks of the pedagogical team of all educational institutions. Today, it is becoming a tradition to form the main directions of national ideas such as national development, country peace, people's well-being, perfect man, social cooperation, and further improvement of spiritual and educational work in these educational institutions. Ceremonial rites of observation of young people for military service are also included in the system of patriotism. Reliable protection of the peace and tranquility of our country and people is becoming the dream and duty of every young man and woman today.

Today's young people are the guardians of our independent Motherland. If we bring up the representatives of the new generation to become mature and mature people, if we consistently form honor and national pride in each of them, our Motherland will become such a powerful country. The future of our independent country is our young people, who live with the feelings of reliable protection of the homeland, the peace and tranquility of our people, patriotism, loyalty and self-sacrifice. Every person living in our holy land, regardless of nationality, religion and belief, should be rightly proud of such achievements we have achieved.

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