Student polyclinic

Maslakhat diagnostic polyclinic of the Tashkent State Dental Institute regulation


1. General rules.

The clinic of the Tashkent State Institute of Dentistry, the Maslakhat diagnostic polyclinic is a treatment and prevention institution, which provides prevention of diseases, timely diagnosis in the early stages of diseases, as well as identification of recurrent chronic diseases, identification of the factors of development of diseases or the cause of recurrence, timely and correct treatment of identified diseases. an organization that conducts activities such as determining the effectiveness of preventive and treatment methods, selecting patients in need of treatment, among the employees of the Tashkent State Dental Institute, as well as among the population of the Republic who have applied for medical help to the polyclinic.


-Maslakhat diagnostic polyclinic performs its activities in the territory of the Tashkent Stomatology Institute.


- The Maslakhat diagnostic polyclinic is part of the system of the Tashkent Stomatological Institute clinic and reports directly to the head doctor of the clinic.


- The operation of the Maslakhat diagnostic polyclinic is managed by its director. The chief physician of the clinic appoints the director to the post, and the chief physician is responsible for his/her dismissal. Doctors of Maslakhat diagnostic polyclinic must have at least 3 years of experience in their specialty, as well as first or higher class.


- Maslakhat diagnostic polyclinic will be considered a legal entity and will have its own special symbol and seal.


- Maslakhat diagnostic polyclinic operates on the basis of the Constitution and Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as the normative documents of the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan, based on these general rules.


- Maslakhat diagnostic polyclinic provides guaranteed free and paid medical care to employees of the Tashkent Stomatology Institute and to people living in the Republic and in need of medical care.


2. Purposes

-Development of medical practical and scientific work in the direction of strengthening and maintaining the health of the population of the republic.


- Implementation of world-class scientific achievements of medicine in practice, protection of the rights and interests of medical workers.


3. Tasks

- Participation in the development and implementation of reforms in the health care system.


- Active participation in the development of the system of implementation of the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the protection of citizens' health and "on the state program for reforming the healthcare system of the Republic of Uzbekistan".


-Organization of high-quality, guaranteed free medical care for citizens of the Republic.


- Development and implementation of complex measures aimed at preventing diseases, disabilities, causes of their occurrence.


- Dispensary supervision of institute and clinic employees who need treatment and are prone to diseases.


- carrying out theoretical and practical work in the direction of cultural enlightenment, compliance with personal hygiene rules, introducing a healthy lifestyle into daily life among the employees of the institute and clinic: refraining from smoking, drug addiction, and alcoholism.


- Transfer of vaccination among students in the direction of prevention of infectious diseases.


- organization of inpatient and outpatient treatment for the employees of the institute and the clinic, as well as the citizens of the Republic in need of medical assistance.


- In accordance with the instructions of the Tashkent State Dentistry and the clinic, the staff of the institute and the clinic will be thoroughly examined.


- Prevention of regular infectious diseases and control of employees who are in contact with patients with infectious diseases, timely notification of these situations to the clinic administration and higher organizations.


- To carry out organizational work in the direction of improving the qualifications of doctors and middle and junior medical staff.


-Presenting a report on the implementation of the annual work program and prospective plans to the discussion of the clinic's treatment board at the end of the year.



Advice is available to the manager of the diagnostic department obligations


1. Organization of placement of patients in clinics.


2. Organization of advisory councils.


3. Checking the correct handling of medical documents by employees.


4. Checking the quality of patient counseling.


5. Distribution and allocation of functional work of employees.


6. Constantly improving the quality of polyclinic work and finding reasons for deficiencies.


7. Determining the cause of errors in giving advice at the conference of doctors.


8. Regularly conduct interviews with employees about equipment safety and fire prevention.


9. Organization of training for doctors, nurses and junior medical staff.


10. Organization of proper work.


11. Planned organization and control of the sanitary epidemiological situation.


Obligations of doctors of consultation diagnostic department at work.


1. The polyclinic doctor is directly responsible for counseling.


2. The doctor should know the achievements of science and modern methods of diagnosis and use it in counseling.


3. Planned participation in training and professional development of nurses and junior medical staff.


4. Improving the quality of counseling.


5. To write medical documents as required.


6. To participate in organizing and explaining the sanitary hygienic situation.


7. Supervising the work of nurses and junior medical staff.


8. Constant improvement of one's qualifications, participation in the conference at the polyclinic and the conference of doctors at the clinic.


9. To know how to use medical equipment in counseling and to use it in diagnosis.


10. Report to the director of the polyclinic about the work done in the morning conference.


11. Summon nurses and junior medical staff who have grossly violated the rules of procedure and report to the head of the polyclinic.


Consultation is at the work of the senior nurse of the diagnostic department obligations.


1. Checking the readiness of the rooms.


2. Record the daily attendance of employees.


3. Writing an application for pharmacy and medicine (warehouse).


4. Timely delivery of medicines from the pharmacy and medical warehouse.


5. Distribution of medicines and materials to rooms.


6. Calculation of binding materials, toxic and expensive medicines.


7. Calculation of medical equipment.


8. Checking the work of medical staff in the rooms.


9. Making a table.


10. Gathering information about the reception of patients. Preparation for the morning conference.


11. Training with nurses and junior medical staff.


12. Participation in treatment and prevention activities.


13. Active participation in mentoring activities.


14. To control the carrying and storage of necessary medical documents.


15. Deontology.


16. It is necessary to check.


A) calculation of toxic and acute drugs in the rooms.


B) Report of syringes and instruments accepted from OTsS.


C) conducting tests in the rooms.


17. To carry out daily educational work among senior and junior medical staff of the polyclinic.


18. Controlling the sanitary-hygienic condition of the polyclinic.


Advice is on the work of the diagnostic department nurse obligations.


1. The nurse must carefully follow the doctor's instructions.


2. It is necessary to be careful and polite towards all patients.


3. Nurses should participate in conferences held on this subject.


4. Must be dressed neatly and in a medical uniform, must follow the rules of personal hygiene.


5. Must follow the rules of asepsis and antiseptics, be responsible for the sanitary condition of the workplace.


6. Careful review of materials for medical equipment, maintenance of accounting books of medical equipment in the room, out of order.


The senior nurse and the head of the department should be informed about the equipment.


7. It is necessary to improve medical knowledge using special medical literature.


8. Subordination in the department should control the treatment of junior medical staff and the performance of the work assigned to them.


9. It is necessary to carry out sanitary promotion work with patients.


10. The nurse has the right to leave her place.


11. The room nurse reports directly to the senior nurse and the head of the department.


 Responsibilities of the housekeeper of the counseling diagnostic department.


1. Managing and supervising the cleanliness and tidiness of the junior medical staff of the polyclinic.


2. Storage of equipment, hard and soft equipment in the rooms and keeping account book.


3. Regular operation of polyclinic water, electricity, sewerage, ensuring the cleanliness of the plot of land allocated for the polyclinic and ensuring compliance with the established procedures of the polyclinic building.


4. Wash the bed sheets on time, hand them over to the room, collect them and distribute them to the rooms.


5. Timely removal of unusable sheets and equipment and provision of new ones.


6. In due time (1 month - 1 March) to check the account book and accounting report of soft equipment in due time.


7. Regular participation in trainings with junior medical staff on the sanitary and technical minimum.


to carry out educational work.


18. Controlling the sanitary-hygienic condition of the polyclinic.


Maslakhat tashhis bulimi kichik tibby hodmning vazifalari.


1. Before starting work, check the room and wipe the floor, windows, and stairs with a disinfectant.


2. Disinfection of equipment in the room.


3. Wipe the floor 3-4 times and clean the room regularly.


4. To control the cleanliness of the doctor's workplace.


5. Washing and preparing used tools for sterilization.


6. Control of electricity, water saving, sewage condition.


7. Observance of equipment safety and fire safety at the workplace.


8. Being at work at the time of admission of the patient.


9. When the work is finished, the floor, window wax, and walls are washed and disinfected.


10. Participation in cleaning the hospital area.