Department of Uzbek language and pedagogy

Akramova Lola

Head of the Department

Xalmuratova Muhabbat

Associate Professor of the Department

Alimova Komila

Senior Lecturer of the Department

Rasuleva Naima

Senior Lecturer of the Department

Rustamova Nodira

Senior Lecturer of the Department

Raupova Shoxida

Senior Lecturer of the Department

Sirojiddinova Zuhra

Senior Lecturer of the Department

Parpiyva Malika

Senior Lecturer of the Department

Usmonov Komiljon

Department assistant

Yunusov Ravshan

Department assistant

The department of “Uzbek language and pedagogy” was organized on September 6, 2021 on the basis of the department “Uzbek language and foreign languages”. The history of the Department of Languages dates back to the founding of the Tashkent Medical Institute. Over the years, the department has trained a thousand specialists who speak Russian. Over the years, outstanding teachers have worked here: dotsent Manuilova A.K., senior teacher Alysheva M.V., Kozhevnikova V.M. and others. The newest history of the Department of Languages begins in 2014, from the day of the founding of the Tashkent State Dental Institute. Heads of the department in different years worked: dotsent Yunusova N.Kh., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences Umarov B.M., Associate Professor, PhD, Khalmuratova M.T., Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences Klicheva K.Yu., Saidakhmedov Zh.S.

The mission of our department is to train future dental specialists in the Russian and Uzbek languages for professional communication, research work, as well as psychological and pedagogical knowledge to build effective business relationships with people, interact with the patient, comply with the rules of medical ethics, conduct educational work and training the population in hygienic health-improving measures.

Currently, the department trains students of 1,2,3 courses of bachelor’s degree of all faculties and masters of 1 year of study. The following disciplines are taught: Uzbek language, Russian language, Language preparation for clinical practice, Pedagogy, Psychology, Educational psychology, Modern pedagogical technologies, Methods of teaching psychology in higher education, Pedagogical technologies and pedagogical skills.

The approved scientific theme of the department: “The paradigm of humanization of the spiritual development of medical workers.” State Registration Number – UDC: 575.1: 378: 1575.1

Scientific potential of the department: 57.1%

Total number of employees: 10

Of these, main staff: 7

Part-timers: 3

Citation rate of articles:

Raupova Sh.A. -84

Rustamova N. R.-124

Akramova L.Yu. – 24

Published scientific articles and abstracts – more than 128

The department of the Uzbek language and pedagogy currently employs:

Associate Professor L.Yu. Akramova, PhD. Code: 13.00.02. -Theory and methods of teaching and upbringing (Russian language),

associate professor Khalmuratova M.T., PhD. Code: 10.01.04. – Literature of the Turkic peoples,

senior lecturer Rasuleva N.Z., PhD. Code: 19.00.05 – Izhtimoy psychology. Ethnopsychology,

senior lecturer Rustamova N.R., PhD. Code: 13.00.01 – Theory of Pedagogy. History of pedagogical teachings.

Over the past 3 years, the staff of the Department of the Uzbek Language and Pedagogy have published:


Khalmuratova M.T. “Russian language”,

Raupova Sh.A. “Pedagogy and psychology”

Training aids

Raupova Sh.A. 1 “Professional psychology”


Khalmuratova M.T. “Russian language”,

Raupova Sh.A. “Pedagogy and psychology”

Akramova L.Yu. “Dars jarayonida analitik tafakkurni rivojlantirish”

Alimova K.D. Rakhmonova Ya.R., Khoshimova M. “Ta’limda noa’naviy usullar”

Alimova K.D. O’zbek tili fani bo’yicha talabalarining og’zaki nutkini ostirishga doir uslubiy tavsiyanoma

Currently, the department carries out scientific research in the following areas:

1. Parpieva M.S.Code: 13.00.01 – Theory of pedagogy.

Research topic: Improving the technology of developing students’ interest in the Russian language in medical universities

2. Raupova Sh.A. Code: 19.00.01.

Research topic: Features of psychological counseling in Uzbek families.

3. Sirozhiddinova Z.M. Code: 19.00.05. Izhtimoy psychology.

Research topic: Olaviy vaziyatlarni idrok ethish zharayonida o‘smir o‘zini o‘zi anglashining izhtimoy – psychologist hususiyatlari.

4. Yunusov R. A. 13.00.01 – Pedagogy of Nazariasi. Code: 19.00.05. Izhtimoy psychology.

Subject of scientific work: “Pedagogy va psychology ta’lim yo‘nalishi bachelorlarini blazhak kasby faoliyatga tayyerlash mechkhanlari”