Curator’s council

      A total of 1662 students study at the institute, which are divided into 70 groups. Each group has a curator. The curators of the faculties are Mirzayeva N.Zh., Kenzhaeva Kh.Kh., Dadamova A.D., Nurmatova F.B. work under the supervision of the senior curator of the institute Yusupkhodzhayeva Hurshida Sobirdzhanovna. Curatorial work is carried out according to a plan approved by the Rector of the Institute, Professor Rizayev, Zhasur Alimdzhanovich.     The curators of the institute conduct active work with students.     Much attention is paid to regional students living in apartments.     Curators are constantly interested in the conditions of life, keep in touch with the owners of the apartments, as well as with the parents of the students. Parents are usually informed about the attendance and progress of students.     Much attention is paid to foreign students who come from countries near and far abroad (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan).     Special attention is paid to the spiritual and moral education of students (visiting museums, theaters, exhibitions, cinemas, parks of culture and rest, meetings with writers, actors, etc.).     Curators with groups spend curator hours, where they discuss issues of progress and student attendance, news of the institute. Also, weekly, on a specific topic, presented by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, talks and discussions are held.