Histology and Medical Biology

Raxmatova Muqaddas

Head of the Department

Nugmanova Umidaxon

Associate Professor of the Department

Tarinova Margarita

Associate Professor of the Department

Malikov Ilxom

Associate Professor of the Department

Kushaeva Dildora

Senior lecturer of the Department

Kendjaeva Xilala

Senior lecturer of the Department

Abdukarimov Dilshod

Assistant of the department

On July 22, 2014, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed Resolution PP-2215 “On establishing the Tashkent State Institute of Dentistry. The President’s decision was made to further improve the training of highly qualified medical personnel in dentistry at the level of international requirements and standards, strengthening and development of educational and material-technical base, corresponding to modern requirements of the educational process, the introduction of advanced information and communication and educational technologies, the future dentist was adopted to ensure that the theoretical training of specialists was closely linked with practical skills, 4 associate professors, 2 senior lecturers, and 6 assistants carry out teaching, research, and educational activities at the Department of Histology and Medical Biology, Faculty of Pediatric Dentistry. The head of the department is D. in Medicine., associate professor Rakhmatova M. X.

Employees of the department in two areas:

1) Structural and functional features of internal organs, peculiarities of their angio-architectonics in the norm and by age under the influence of various external factors

2) Conducting scientific research on cytogenetic and cytomorphological monitoring of the impact of pesticides on the body and the correction of resulting changes, work to improve the educational process based on modern information, multimedia technologies.

A bank of microscopic images for the teaching process, video clips were created, and a video system was organized, which transmits images of micropreparations from the microchip to the computer and TV sets in the classrooms.

The department continues to work on the creation of a new generation of educational literature:

A modern atlas on histology, cytology and embryology, published by Prof. A.Y.Yuldashev et al. in Uzbek is currently being created by the teaching staff of TTA, TashPMI and TDSI.