About the personnel department.

The activity of the department began on September 2, 2014 and is regulated by the Laws on Education, On the National Training Program and other regulatory documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The main regulatory document of the department is the “Position of the personnel department” approved by the rector of the institute.

Department activity.

The personnel department selects, arranges, studies and uses personnel and specialists, creates a personnel reserve, organizes the personnel accounting system, also registers the insured persons in the Pension Fund of the Republic of Uzbekistan and provides information on employees’ work activities in the manner prescribed by law.

  • Development of personnel policy and strategy.
  • Making admission, transfer and dismissal of employees in accordance with labor laws, regulations, instructions and orders of the rector.
  • Accounting personnel.
  • Acceptance, filling out and issuing when dismissing employment records.
  • Maintain established personnel documentation.
  • Formation of a database of personnel and applicants.
  • Issuance of copies of documents related to employment (copies of orders for admission to work, orders for transfers to another job, order of dismissal; copies of employment record).
  • Issuance of certificates of work in TSGI.
  • Certification of copies of employee documents (education certificate, retraining, advanced training, specialist certificates).
  • Certification of the employee’s signature.
  • Preparation of materials for the provision of employees to the awards and awards.
  • Assistance and advice to workers in the preparation of documents necessary for the appointment of pensions.
  • Control over the execution by heads of divisions of orders and instructions on personnel management.
  • Accounting for the use of vacations by employees, registration of vacations in accordance with the approved schedules.
  • Control over the state of labor discipline in the divisions of the medical university and employees’ compliance with the internal regulations.
  • Compilation of all established personnel reporting.
  • Submission of proposals for the formation of the staff of the medical university.