The mission of the Tashkent State Institute of Dentistry is to achieve and maintain high quality standards of medical education, scientific research, medical care and continuous training of doctors, as well as the promotion of national values in modern globalization.

The task of the Faculty of Pediatric Dentistry TSDI is to create an innovative practice-oriented environment for the training of competitive specialists who provide high quality medical services to the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The mission of the Faculty of Dentistry TSDI is to improve and develop high-quality medical education, integrated into the world educational standards aimed at scientific, technical, technological achievements and innovative development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, competitiveness in accordance with the needs of the labor market, society, economy and state programs.

The mission of the Faculty of Medicine, Pedagogy and General Medicine of TSDI is to train highly qualified, qualified and competitive graduates; formation of high quality higher professional education for the population of the region.

The task of the Faculty of International Education TSDI is to train high-level international specialists with modern system knowledge, skills and competencies necessary for effective participation in solving medical, scientific, socio-economic problems for the Republic of Uzbekistan and other countries. It consists of advancing the humanitarian and spiritual tasks facing the Republic of Uzbekistan and the international community.

The direction of the master’s program of TSDI – ensuring the implementation of training policy is based on the principles of competitive professional and scientific-pedagogical staff, continuous development and the trinity of science and practice.

The task of TSDI faculty is to increase the human potential for the Republic of Uzbekistan through the system of knowledge, preservation, dissemination and creation of socio-cultural values, broadcasting modern information, training the future intellectual elite of society based on the integration of education and science. creates.

The mission of TSDI Clinical Residency is to improve people’s health by teaching students and physicians the latest advances in medical science and practice.