The main tasks of the Information Resource Center are necessary literature,textbooks, reading aids, as well as research work (diploma work, dissertations, etc.) of students and professors in the educational process.) to contribute to the increase of the level of knowledge and professional capacity of students by providing them with literature, artistic literature and publications, facilitating the further development of national culture, preserving their spiritual and cultural heritage and providing them with unharmed delivery to the next generation, specialized literature.

In September, the information resource center “open doors” week, which was locked in the United States, exactly 1-th stage students were invited. The territory of the Information Resource Center, its activities, working with the information rpesurs center of students and the procedures for using the Information Resource Center were introduced with the documents.

On the basis of the 2020-2021 academic year science program, textbooks and manuals were purchased to the fund of the Information Resource Center in 109 titles in 4420.

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