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29.03.2024 | 06:43 Yangiliklar


28.03.2024 | 06:40 Yangiliklar

Qualified internships of students are being monitored.

28.03.2024 | 06:40 Yangiliklar

Qualified internships of students are being monitored.

27.03.2024 | 09:20 Yangiliklar

A question-and-answer session was conducted among the students on this topic, and the "Splat" company presented toothpastes and hygiene products to the students who were found to be active.

27.03.2024 | 09:18 Yangiliklar

D. Karimov, G. Otabeyeva and M. Mukhsinova held a conversation with female students on the topic "Secrets of health".

27.03.2024 | 09:16 Yangiliklar

The road is empty, the dream is frozen in the hearts!

27.03.2024 | 09:12 Yangiliklar


27.03.2024 | 09:07 Yangiliklar

A presentation is being held on the books attached to "Fiction".

26.03.2024 | 10:38 Yangiliklar

In order to make the "Information and Tutoring Hour" sessions meaningful and effective, tutors conduct group discussions with students.

26.03.2024 | 06:39 Yangiliklar

directions of congress

26.03.2024 | 06:37 Yangiliklar

Based on the suggestions during the study, chess boards and badminton sports equipment were donated in order to help the students to be more busy with sports.

26.03.2024 | 06:34 Yangiliklar

In order to ensure the implementation of the order of the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 351 dated August 9, 2023

26.03.2024 | 06:32 Yangiliklar

Students of Tashkent State Dental Institute

26.03.2024 | 06:28 Yangiliklar

On March 19, 2024, on the occasion of "Navroz" holiday and the holy month of Ramadan, a visit was made to the Fidoyilar neighborhood of the Yashnabad district attached to the institute.

26.03.2024 | 06:26 Yangiliklar

Students presented their research on 3 plans by presenting the literature they read.

26.03.2024 | 06:23 Yangiliklar

On March 18, a large parade was held in the Tashkent State Dental Institute under the slogan "View a prosperous neighborhood and country".