04/27/2021 an international scientific and practical On-line conference was held at the Tashkent State Dental Institute, dedicated to the topic: “Iatrogenic damage to the extrahepatic bile ducts” and “Strictures of the extrahepatic bile ducts.” The conference was attended by the Department of Surgery and VPH, leading specialists of hepatobiliary surgeons from Tashkent, Moscow and South Korea. The conference was attended by their reports: Chevokin A.Yu., Akhaladze G.G. Damage to the bile ducts: strategy and tactics. (Moscow).
Aripova N.U., Baimakov S.R., Pulatov M.M. Iatrogenic damage to the extrahepatic bile ducts in emergency surgery. (Tashkent).
Sung Hoon Choi: “Iatrogenic injury of bile duct and how to resolve it in minimally invasive manner” (South Korea).
Galperin E.I., Dyuzheva T.G., Chevokin A.Yu. Cicatricial strictures of the bile ducts: classification, diagnosis, treatment. (Moscow).
Kulezneva Yu.V. X-ray surgical treatment of cicatricial biliary strictures (Moscow).
The conference was very interesting in the form of a discussion.

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