Today, oral diseases, including dental caries, are one of the most common diseases on earth, with 95-98% of the world’s population confirmed to be affected by caries. Although many caries prevention methods have been developed, cases of oral diseases, including caries, are becoming more common among the world’s population, especially among children. According to Bakhtinur Khudanov, associate professor of the Tashkent State dental Institute of doctor of medical sciences, head of the department of the Ministry of Innovative Development, pediatric dentist, caries in school-age children occurs faster in milk and permanent teeth than in adults. In addition, complex research to determine the prevalence of caries among children requires relatively little scientific work in the field of prevention and the need to enrich the field with modern systems. In order to coordinate scientific and practical work in this area, increase medical culture among the population, improve preventive measures, scientists from the Tashkent State dental Institute and the University of Witten / Herdekke in Germany studied the dental situation in the country. Scientists from the Institute of Dentistry and a partner university in Germany have temporarily participated in a grant competition announced by the Borrow Foundation in the United Kingdom. , won, says tfd, rector of the institute Nodir Khaydarov. The project will study the prevalence and severity of oral diseases in schoolchildren aged 7 and 12 in the country, the amount of fluoride ions in drinking water in the regions and the dependence of this condition on children’s anthropometric indicators and practical recommendations. The project is funded by international grants and provides more than 12,000 schoolchildren with extended dental examinations by more than 40 professors and teachers of the institute in accordance with international standards. Relevance, scientific and practical significance of the project supported by the Ministry of Innovation Development and the World Health Organization.

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