Today, when the powerful potential of our people is being fully realized, the foundation of a new Renaissance era – the third Renaissance is being laid in Uzbekistan

Head of the Department of FCS, Professor O.E. Bekzhanova, organized a webinar “Regenerative endodontics”

The lecturer was Samah Bukhari, Director of the Department of Endodontics, Tufts University, USA.

The webinar was attended by students and teachers of universities of Uzbekistan, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

S. Bukhari noted the desire and desire of our students to master new knowledge, despite the time constraints in training. S. Bukhari, being a new mentor for our students, left the best memories.

A special spiritual connection with the pearl of the East – Bukhara, was noted with warmth in the soul, the leadership of the institute noted.

ℹ️ At the end of the webinar, the prospects for cooperation between TGSI and Tufts University were discussed.

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